The Flying Flipper history…

Flying Flipper started as a race boat project in the early seventies by the legendary racing driver and boat constructor, Sigurd Isacsson. His race boat the Flipper was raced succesfully in numorous races and as a resoult of this he and the Flipper team decided to start building boats for the leisure market, letting the customers take advantage of the racing experiences and technical evolution the Flipper team had on the race tracks.

It was in this era the famous Flipper air inlet-hull was seen for the first time on the race tracks. A hull design that now days are highly aproved by more or less all performance boat manufactures.

In the mid eighties it was time for the Flying Flipper 30 footer to make its debut. The boat was a pure high performance boat with a 28 degree sharp V – hull never seen before on a sport boat! The boat had of corse the famous air steped hull and was equiped with two powerfull outboard engines. The Flying Flipper 30 was soon well known for its sea worthy and sporty characteristics. The boat became highly succesfull on the race tracks and won severel important races, such as The great Britain around, The Baltic sea race and the legendary swedish race Roslagsloppet.

The Flying Flipper 30 was also the first choice of the swedish coast guard for several years in the eighties and nineties, and still today there is one of these early boats in service.

During the later decades the Flying Flipper 30 was improved and developed into three different models. The daycruiser version, a cabin version and the sporty open version.

In 2014 the company was bought by Mr Michael Reimer, entrepreneur, boat enthusiast, and designer with a clear vision of building a new Flying Flipper based on the same charecteristics as the 30 foter only better, bigger, stronger, faster and more beutiful than ever! The result is the new Superfly GT 42. Scandinavian design at its best, where simplicity meets style and end up in perfection. Still with outboard engines, an aft cabin and with the uncompromising performance ability combined with the highest demands in comfort.

Michael Reimer had a vision of creating a boat never seen before. A boat designed and built for enthusiasts, by enthusiast.

We like to think the result speaks for it self…

Mr Michael Reimer CEO/Owner

Power to the boaters!

When you choose a boat from Flying Flipper you will get a great variety of different power combinations: Twin or triple outboards, double inboards or the eco-friendly hybrid version.


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Customized build process
We build our boats on order. Your wish is our command. When you order a Superfly GT 42 you choose your own colours and materials to make the boat fit your personal needs and taste. We will of course assist you in the design process to make your dream boat into a beautiful reality.
Limited edition
When you order your Superfly GT 42 you buy a unique craft, which you will not find in any second harbour. We take great pride in our building process and put a lot of effort to create a boat that looks and performs like nothing else on the market. A boat especially made for you.

The Superfly GT 42 is hand-built and customized for each customer’s demands and only a few will be produced every year. Your Superfly GT 42 will be one of very few in the world.