More open, elegant and cooler than ever
Show and go..
Legends are not born, they are created
Designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts
Design and performance in perfect balance
You have never seen anything like this before
Scandinavian simplicity meets style and ends up in perfection

Flying Flipper – Superfly GT 42 & GTO 42

It´s been a long time, but now the legendary race winning Flying Flipper is back...

Better, stronger and more beautiful than ever!

Introducing the Flying Flipper SUPERFLY GT 42 & GTO 42. The only boat that combines outstanding driving and racing performance with excellent family comfort, all wrapped up in beautiful, modern Scandinavian design.

We combine this Scandinavian design with over 40 years of experience. The result is the new Superfly series. A unique fusion of power, elegance and utility that pushes the boundaries of sports driving pleasure. You have never seen anything like this before…
Award winner 2018


It’s all about speed, but speed is useless if you can’t handle it…

We have put a lot of effort in designing and developing a top performance racing hull with no savings on safety and performance.
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Award winning Red Yacht Design and Flying Flipper - partners in design….

We put a lot of pride and effort in designing a boat for the modern boat users that will stand out and last for a long time.
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We don’t want you to feel at home…

When we designed the exterior for the new Superfly series we wanted to create something that was far away from your daily life and closer to your dreams.
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Superior quality and the finest parts, nothing else will do…

The new Superfly series is produced by using light weight Hybrid Carbon, allowing maximum strength at minimum weight costs.
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Giving back to the elements…

We offer you the new ECO – Hybrid concept.
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Legends are not born, they are created…

We at Flying Flipper has put a lot of effort and great pride in carry on the great legacy from the days when Flying Flipper was a race winning and dominant participator at the races.
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Our model program

When you choose a boat from Flying Flipper you will get a great variety of different power combinations: Twin or triple outboards, double inboards or the eco-friendly hybrid version.
Superfly GT 42
The new Superfly GT 42 can be ordered with either two Mercury racing outboard engines, 2 x 400 Hp or two Seven Marine outboard engines, 2 x 627 Hp.
Superfly GT 42-I
You can also order your Superfly with two Mercury racing inboards. This option is for those who prefer inboards but still want maximum handling and performance.
Superfly GT 42-R
For those who want top performance and high speed we offer the Superfly GT 42-R with three Mercury racing outboard engines 3 x 400 Hp.
Superfly GT 42-RS
If you are looking for the extreme you should go for our top of the fleet model, the Superfly GT 42-RS with three Seven Marine outboard engines: 3 x 627 Hp! This beast will offer you 1881 Hp on your stern! Don´t worry, the boat can handle it! Can you?
Superfly GT 42-E
For the Eco-friendly alternative, we offer you the Superfly GT 42-E. This version offer you two Mercury or two Seven Marine outboard engines combined with one Torqeedo electric engine. This alternative gives you the best of two worlds! Electric non-pollution power for silent harbour cruise and slow along shore cruising and still lets you fly on the water once you fold down the two outboards!
Flying Flipper GT 32
A comfortable spacious daycruiser with racing legacy. Our legendary GT 32 is well known for it´s succesfull racing history with nuomurus winns in races such as Baltic sea race, Great Britain around and the legendary swedish race Roslagsloppet. It has also been the first choice for the swedish coast guard for many years.
Superfly GT0 42
We wanted to create an exciting, comfortable and sociable boat. A boat where you want to spend time with your friends and family, but also a boat that is ready for action and speed when it’s needed. The new Superfly GTO 42 offer you the best of both worlds. Bring all your friends, dinner is served…